I’m Not A Robot 로봇이 아니다 | Quick Final Thoughts

Just finished the last episodes of I’m Not A Robot…final rating? 7/10. It’s a great drama if you’re looking for something fluffy and cute with a lot of romance and comedy. It’s lacking on the depth and plot, but the chemistry between the two leads is AH-mazing. Their romantic scenes are to die for. I can’t find the words to describe how adorable they are. And their kiss scenes? Oh…my…god… *squeal*

However, I do have a few complaints. As cute as they are, I feel like their relationship is unbalanced. The story seems to make it appear as though Ji Ah and Min Kyu love each other equally, and while that may be true, Ji Ah is sacrificing a lot more for Min Kyu than he is for her. She took a lot of emotional punches and didn’t get anything for it. When Min Kyu found out the truth, he did and said a lot of hurtful things. Yes, Ji Ah did lie to him. Yes, he has a right to feel betrayed. And he even has a right to lash out. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t own up to his words and actions later. Ji Ah did all of the apologizing and Min Kyu did none of it. He didn’t apologize for his words or for hurting her or causing her to hurt herself for him (when she cut herself cooking and fell down while rushing to get to him). I wish there was just a moment where he just sincerely apologized.

I also didn’t like how the other relationships came out of no where, like Professor Hong and Pi. It seems like they just threw it in towards the middle of the drama for whatever reason. And everything was a mess in the last 2 episodes. Everything was wrapped up too quickly and neatly. The company drama was essentially useless. It could have been left out. I don’t know where they wanted to go with it, but it didn’t do anything, nor did it have anything to take away from.

With that being said, it’s still worth watching for the fluffiness. Definitely don’t watch this if you’re looking for something with a good plot, but if you’re looking for something to make you laugh and smile, this is a pretty good one. This made me a fan of Chae Soo Bin and I love Yoo Seung Ho even more now. I look forward to seeing them in other dramas soon.



I’m Not a Robot 로봇이 아니다 | Thoughts

Waiting for last week’s episodes was the worst. I hadn’t felt that way since Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인- 보보경심 려). The fact that there was no preview made it even worse. I was able to put off watching episodes 23 and 24, because I already know what route the story is going to take. With the way episode 20 ended, I hadn’t known where the story was going to go; was Ji Ah going to pretend to not know Min Kyu? Was she going to pretend to know him as President Jo? How was Min Kyu going to react? Would he realize that Aji 3 was a human all along or would he think there’s just a human who looks like her? All these questions ran through my head while waiting for episode 21.

Sadly, I’m disappointed with the way the story went. I wish Ji Ah would have pretended to know Min Kyu just as the chairman of KM Financial. Perhaps it would have been harder to keep up the facade, but she wouldn’t have had to pretend like he was a total stranger. The fact that she’s pretending to not know him at all and let him think that her name is Hong Joo is going to make it much harder for all of them once he finds out, because Ji Ah and the Santa Maria team will have deceived him twice now. I understand their concern for his health, but the truth is going to come out one day. If they had been upfront with Min Kyu, his shock may not have been as severe.

I’m pretty sure I know how the rest of the drama will go: Min Kyu will get sick. He might go into a coma from the shock. He’ll recover. He and Ji Ah will resolve the misunderstanding and get together. Yoo Chul and his father will fail in dragging down Min Kyu and probably live the rest of their lives in guilt. If Yoo Chul is lucky, Ri El will choose to be with him. Professor Hong and Pi will probably get together, and the Santa Maria team will receive recognition for their invention. And everyone who’s good will live happily ever after.

Lol, the drama will probably throw some surprises, but overall, I’m pretty sure that’s how everything is going to go. I will most likely continue this drama until the end, if not for the story, for Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s incredibly chemistry. They’re so adorable together and both actors just make their characters wonderful.

Here’s to hoping the ending doesn’t get screwed up. Folded Hands on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Folded Hands on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)


This drama wasn’t worth finishing. I binged-watched the first 6 episodes and came back for episode 7, but it wasn’t able to keep my interest. I don’t know if it was just the timing–I am beginning to lose interest in keeping up with most dramas right now–or if it was the story line. There isn’t really anything to keep me hooked–the actors are okay and the story line isn’t terrible, but that’s just it. There needs be something that keeps me in suspense, something I want to find out about the drama, for me to keep watching it. I watched clips of the last episode, and it was cute, but it didn’t make me want to go back and watch the rest episodes to understand what happened.

So yeah…that’s pretty much my experience with this drama. It’s too bad. I’m still waiting for another drama to get hooked on.

Final Thoughts on Lost Love in Times

So this drama has finally come to an end. Overall, I give this drama an 8 out of 10. It was really captivating from the beginning and had a really strong story in the middle, but it did start dragging towards the end. I liked how there was a happy ending. It was surprising, considering this is a Chinese period drama. Most of them don’t end happily, at least the ones I have watched.

However, there are a few plot holes and loose endings that I wish was touched on.


One of them being Yuan Zhan’s rule of Great Wei. They set it up as if Yuan Zhan will be a great emperor, but we don’t get a chance to see the result of his ruling. There are also scenes which don’t really make sense. He forces his side consort to leave the palace. I didn’t really understand why until I read the Soompi forum. Apparently, he was poisoned and would have died soon. I found this type of ending for his character sad and unfair. He just wanted to live away from all the political drama and enjoy music, yet his circumstances forced him to act in ways he didn’t want to. If he became emperor, at least let him rule the nation for a couple years before killing him off.

Princess Dou Xia’s ending was also sad and a little disappointing. I feel like her character could have done more. Even if she didn’t get the man, it would have been nice to see her be the ruler of her nation and find someone who truly cared for her. In some ways, she’s similar to Yuan Zhan. She wasn’t able to win the heart of the person she loved, but she was a great leader for her nation.

Getting to the main romance of the drama: I absolutely loved the main romance plot of Lost Love in Times. Two characters who sacrifice everything for each other, but they aren’t so completely engrossed with each other that they neglect the people and things they care for as well. I think Yuan Ling is the first male lead that I can remember who treats the female lead with respect from beginning to end. Yeah, there were a few bumps along the way, but overall, Yuan Ling was a great person towards Qing Chen. That’s rare in Chinese and Korean dramas.

Another thing that is great about this drama is the treatment of female characters. They are all so strong and independent. They act as they see fit without worrying about what the men are going to say or think. Qing Chen takes her own actions; she comes up with her own strategies to help the man she loves, and she doesn’t take bullshit from him. Same with Ming Yan and the 12th prince. It was refreshing to see the women on an equal footing with the men. Elder Tao Yao was able to lead the Mages in Elder Xi Xie’s absence. The loss of her love didn’t stop her from doing what was needed. Consort Lian took the initiative to take revenge, and she didn’t rely on others to do the dirty work for her. This is amazing to see in a drama.

I would definitely recommend this drama. The story is interesting. The romance is amazing, and the characters are well written. The CGI effects aren’t too bad either. 😊

I wish I could read the novel of which this drama was based off. I’m sure it includes more details that couldn’t be brought to life on-screen. That’s just how things are. I’d rather a movie/drama be different from a book and be good than to stick exactly to the book and be bad, because it couldn’t correctly portray some things. Maybe one day the book will be translated so I can enjoy it, or I learn enough Mandarin to be able to read it.


Currently Watching

7 Day Queen is nearing its end, and it’s so good. I love the female lead. She doesn’t have a lot of power or skills, yet she’s still able to help. I can’t help but compare her to Han Ga Eun in Ruler: Master of the Mask. She’s everything I wish Ga Eun could have been. She takes action when needed and makes decisions very carefully. Yes, she did make some bad decisions, but they were consistent with her beliefs, and she learned from them.

In addition to 7 Day Queen, I’m also watching:

  • The King Loves, with Im Si Won, SNSD’s Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun.
  • Criminal Minds, with Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won

I’m still a little iffy on both of these dramas. They haven’t fully caught my attention. The King Loves involves a very clear love triangle, so I’m wary of how it’ll play out. The plot seems interesting, so I’m gonna continue watching for now.

Criminal Minds is okay. I still haven’t made up my mind about this drama either. As of now, the only thing keeping me going is the fact that Lee Joon Gi is in it, so I’m hoping it’ll get better. I do love crime/mystery dramas when done correctly. Tunnel was a very interesting, although we were left with quite a few plot holes towards the end. Bad Guys was an awesome drama, and I highly recommend it.

I did end up dropping the Best Hit, but I skimmed through just the last two episodes. And this only confirmed my decision to drop the drama. It wasn’t a particularly bad drama, and the characters were very likable; however, I just didn’t like where the plot went.


Thoughts on: Ruler: Master of the Mask


While the actors did a wonderful job portraying the characters, each character seemed to be missing something. They didn’t seem to be reaching their full potential, and it was really such a shame. The most disappointing character was Han Ga Eun. She was essentially a character there just to be the love interest. There was nothing more to her. Her character had no development whatsosever.  While the other main characters did change, the writers didn’t go as far as I felt they could have.


Again, the plot had a lot of potential. At the beginning, I was so excited to see how everything will play out. The set up was so good. The King was corrupt and controlled by a corrupt group. Since he was unable to get out of the situation alive, he knew his son was the only chance he had at saving his kingdom. So he hid his identity, thereby protecting his son from the group. How then was his son going to claim the throne if no one knew his face? There was so much that could have been done, but because the writers wanted to focus on the romance, a lot of time that could have been spent on developing this plot was wasted on the main love line.


Despite all the time spent on the main couple, it was still very bad. There’s not much to be said about the romance. While the individual scenes were good, it was difficult to see how they connected to the overall plot. There was also no development between the main leads. I had no idea how they even came to like one another and how they could love so deep when they hardly knew each other. It was extremely frustrating and this is the first drama where I was rooting for the male lead to fall for the second female character. There was much more to be seen between the Crown Prince and Hwa Gun than the Prince and Ga Eun. The love story would have been so much better and tragic (like Romeo and Juliet) had the Prince fallen for Hwa Gun instead. The romance could have been good if the writers actually took the time to tell a story, but I don’t know what happened.

Thoughts on: Fight My Way (쌈 마이 웨이)


I loved all the characters. None of the them were perfect and they all had their own quirks. I liked how they all had their own dreams, and they supported each other in achieving those dreams. No character was simply there to push the plot along.


A wonderful story that tied all the characters together. There was a perfect blend of romance, friendship and life struggles. Not one aspect was emphasized over the other. Typically, a series will focus one aspect over the others. For example, Chief Kim. The focus was on their work environment and how they were fighting to change that. It was also an incredible drama, but we didn’t really see a romantic aspect. Fight My Way does a great job with showing how these four friends were fighting for their dreams and finding love along the way. The romance was a part of the story, but it wasn’t the only part.


It’s nice to see how dramas are starting to change how they present romantic relationships. For years, it was always about a poor girl who’s hard working, and then she meets a rich guy, who sweeps her off her feet. He treats her terribly, but it’s only because he loves her. That is getting old, so it was refreshing to see a male lead who treats the woman loves the way she deserves to be treated. Although the main leads bicker and tease each other, when it comes down to it, they communicate and support one another. And they’re very straightforward. Yes, they still have problems, but none of the problems are a result of miscommunication or other unnecessary drama.