The King’s Woman | Random Thoughts

I’m really starting to like this drama now. Things have started picking up, at least between the main leads. Although I still find their relationship problematic, they have incredibly sweet scenes together. Ying Zheng is beginning to understand that he should respect Gongsun Li. He listens to her and takes her advice into consideration. Li remains a strong individual. While she does love the King now, she doesn’t bend to his will. She will still do what she needs to do. She even uses the King’s feelings for her to influence his decisions; not in a bad way, but sometimes it’s necessary to do so.

From what I’ve seen of Chinese dramas, all characters are well-rounded. They have an existence outside of the main romance. While love is important, sometimes other matters take precedence. In this case, the King may love Li, but there are certain things that he cannot overlook. Yes, he is cruel and ruthless, but it’s also understandable in these circumstances. They’re living during a time when there were continuous wars. I’m curious to see how this drama turns out. I hope it’s not a disappointing ending. I don’t mind if it’s sad or tragic, as long as it makes sense.


Lost Love in Times | Random Thoughts

Yay! They’ve increased the number of episodes per week to 6 episodes from 4. I’m so addicted to this drama, it’s not even funny. The English subtitles are coming out a week behind the airing of the episodes and it’s driving me crazy. I’m still watching the raw episodes as soon as they come out. I haven’t felt this way for at least 7 years now, when I first started watching Korean dramas.

I absolutely love the romance in this drama. Qing Chen has the upper hand in the relationship, which is rare to see, especially in period dramas. Yuan Ling shows her the respect she deserves. He didn’t push physically intimacy until she made the first move (besides that first forced kiss, which he learned quickly that was a no-no). Like I mentioned in my previous post, the women in this drama are shown as intelligent individuals with their own thoughts and priorities, and it’s so awesome.

The romances between the other characters are also playing out nicely and showcase how relationships differ depending the character’s personality; how some can be harmful and others are lighthearted.

Now that it is getting into the 30’s (episode count), the political plot is starting to drag. I can’t say I’m interested in the plot between the 3rd and 9th prince or the Crown Prince and Luan Fei, the youngest daughter in the Feng family. I’m starting to skip a few of those scenes, but I hate how I can’t skip too much, otherwise I’ll miss out on cute moments between Qing Chen and Yuan Ling.


Chinese Dramas vs Korean Dramas

I haven’t had too much exposure to Chinese dramas yet, but these are some of my thoughts on differences between Chinese dramas and Korean dramas, in particular, historical dramas.

What I love about Chinese dramas are the strong female characters. Whether they are good or bad, they make decisions for themselves. Some can fight and even if they can’t, they hold their ground against the men. They’re intelligent and speak their mind. In Korean dramas, I don’t get the same feelings. The female characters are very much like damsels in distress and require men to save them.

Now this concept exists in both Chinese and Korean dramas, but I feel it’s more apparent in Korean dramas. For example, the recent Ruler: Master of the Mask: Ga Eun, the main female lead, got herself into trouble more than she helped the Crown Prince. In Scholar Who Walks the Night, they tried to pass off the female lead as someone who was strong and worked hard to care for her family, but once she met the male lead, she became weak and couldn’t protect herself.

In Lost Love in Time, the female lead sacrifices her happiness in order to set things straight (this is a whole other issue that I could on and on about). But she makes decisions to help those around her. She can fight to protect herself, and she tries hard to protect those she cares about. From what I watched of General and I, with Angelababy and Wallace Chung, the female lead was portrayed as a very intelligent individual who was a military strategist. She was able to win battles against armies of thousands. It’s amazing to see these types of characters.

Chinese dramas also have characters that are morally questionable, whereas Korean dramas tend to have very straightforward characters. They’re either good people (who sometimes may have to make hard decisions-but that doesn’t make them bad) or they’re bad people who deserve punishment. Whether it’s known to the characters in the drama, we–as the audience– know if the character is good or bad.

This is harder to determine in Chinese dramas. It’s not as black and white. Characters can sometimes treat their loved ones with great care, but be absolutely evil towards others. Some of the decisions they make are harmful towards many, yet makes sense when one thinks from their position. This makes the stories more interesting and less predictable.

For those who are more familiar with Chinese dramas, what are your thoughts? And what are some other differences you see?


Currently Watching

So many good dramas just ended this week, 3 of them being: Lookout (파수꾼), Fight My Way (쌈 마이 웨이), and Ruler: Master of the Mask (군주: 가면의 주인). So the list of dramas that I’m currently watching has shrunk down. Right now, I am watching

  • 7 Day Queen (7일의 왕비)

7dayqueen (Sports Chosun)

(Pic from Sports Chosun)

  • The Best Hit (최고의 한방)

The Best Hit Poster2 (Dramafever)

(Pic from Dramafever)

Although I’m pretty close to dropping the Best Hit. I don’t really have a criteria for when to continue a series and when to drop it. It’s just whenever the drama loses my interest, whether it’s due to the story line or the characters, or sometimes I lose interest while waiting for the next episode. But as of now, the Best Hit is turning into the typical romantic comedy story line and losing the unique aspect that drew me to the drama in the first place.

When I lose interest in a drama, I might still stick around if the actors interest me, but unfortunately, none of the actors draw me in enough to want to continue. But I’ll see. If there are no other dramas that pop up, I may continue with the series.

First Post

Hello! As an avid watcher of Korean dramas, I want to share what I’ve watched with everyone. I will be working on providing reviews and commentary on past and current dramas, and hopefully some episode recaps as well. So if this is something you are interested in, please stay tune for updates.

**the photo above is a poster of the drama, Ruler: Master of the Mask (군주 가면의 주인). It is a historical drama and just recently aired its last episode.