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Just finished up 7 day Queen. It was such a good drama: plot, characters, romance–everything was on point. I’m extremely satisfied with this drama and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good sageuk (사극) or historical drama. I’ll probably do a more in-depth review later.

As for the other dramas that I’m watching:

  • Criminal Minds, with Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won

I’m not super into this drama yet. I think Korean remakes of American TV shows tend to fall flat. Although I can’t say for all of them, since I’ve only watched a few remakes. But they never tend to catch my interests. I still have plans to continue the drama though, even if it’s only for Lee Jun Ki.

  • The King Loves, with Im Si Wan, SNSD’s Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun

I haven’t watched the most recent episodes yet, so I can’t say much about this drama. I don’t know if I’ll continue this drama. It just doesn’t seem interesting, as of now.

I started watching some Chinese dramas while waiting for new episodes to come out. There are 2 that I am really interested in:

  • General and I, with Wallace Chung and Angelababy

It really kept me hooked for the first 13 episodes, but after that, I started losing interest. I may or may not continue the rest of the drama, as I’ve already started skipping ahead and skimmed through some of the later episodes. If I have no other dramas to watch, I think I might continue watching a few more full episodes. I do like the politics in the drama. The love story is a little bit difficult to get into, just because they fall in love so fast, but it seems typical of Chinese dramas to do that. And then they show development later.

  • Lost Love in Times, with Liu ShiShi and William Chan

I hate that I found this drama now, because I have to wait for the episodes with subtitles to come out. This might be what keeps me coming back to the drama though. Like General and I, the main characters fall in love very fast, but I still like it. I’m a sucker for plots where the lovers are separated and eventually find their way towards each other again–especially in this drama with the parallel universe aspect where he forgets her. I can’t wait to see what happens when he falls for her again and then will probably remember her.

Hopefully there will be another round of good Korean dramas soon. I don’t know if this next round will bring anything that I’ll be interested in, but we’ll see in the coming weeks.

Currently Watching

7 Day Queen is nearing its end, and it’s so good. I love the female lead. She doesn’t have a lot of power or skills, yet she’s still able to help. I can’t help but compare her to Han Ga Eun in Ruler: Master of the Mask. She’s everything I wish Ga Eun could have been. She takes action when needed and makes decisions very carefully. Yes, she did make some bad decisions, but they were consistent with her beliefs, and she learned from them.

In addition to 7 Day Queen, I’m also watching:

  • The King Loves, with Im Si Won, SNSD’s Yoona, and Hong Jong Hyun.
  • Criminal Minds, with Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won

I’m still a little iffy on both of these dramas. They haven’t fully caught my attention. The King Loves involves a very clear love triangle, so I’m wary of how it’ll play out. The plot seems interesting, so I’m gonna continue watching for now.

Criminal Minds is okay. I still haven’t made up my mind about this drama either. As of now, the only thing keeping me going is the fact that Lee Joon Gi is in it, so I’m hoping it’ll get better. I do love crime/mystery dramas when done correctly. Tunnel was a very interesting, although we were left with quite a few plot holes towards the end. Bad Guys was an awesome drama, and I highly recommend it.

I did end up dropping the Best Hit, but I skimmed through just the last two episodes. And this only confirmed my decision to drop the drama. It wasn’t a particularly bad drama, and the characters were very likable; however, I just didn’t like where the plot went.


Thoughts on: Ruler: Master of the Mask


While the actors did a wonderful job portraying the characters, each character seemed to be missing something. They didn’t seem to be reaching their full potential, and it was really such a shame. The most disappointing character was Han Ga Eun. She was essentially a character there just to be the love interest. There was nothing more to her. Her character had no development whatsosever.  While the other main characters did change, the writers didn’t go as far as I felt they could have.


Again, the plot had a lot of potential. At the beginning, I was so excited to see how everything will play out. The set up was so good. The King was corrupt and controlled by a corrupt group. Since he was unable to get out of the situation alive, he knew his son was the only chance he had at saving his kingdom. So he hid his identity, thereby protecting his son from the group. How then was his son going to claim the throne if no one knew his face? There was so much that could have been done, but because the writers wanted to focus on the romance, a lot of time that could have been spent on developing this plot was wasted on the main love line.


Despite all the time spent on the main couple, it was still very bad. There’s not much to be said about the romance. While the individual scenes were good, it was difficult to see how they connected to the overall plot. There was also no development between the main leads. I had no idea how they even came to like one another and how they could love so deep when they hardly knew each other. It was extremely frustrating and this is the first drama where I was rooting for the male lead to fall for the second female character. There was much more to be seen between the Crown Prince and Hwa Gun than the Prince and Ga Eun. The love story would have been so much better and tragic (like Romeo and Juliet) had the Prince fallen for Hwa Gun instead. The romance could have been good if the writers actually took the time to tell a story, but I don’t know what happened.

Thoughts on: Fight My Way (쌈 마이 웨이)


I loved all the characters. None of the them were perfect and they all had their own quirks. I liked how they all had their own dreams, and they supported each other in achieving those dreams. No character was simply there to push the plot along.


A wonderful story that tied all the characters together. There was a perfect blend of romance, friendship and life struggles. Not one aspect was emphasized over the other. Typically, a series will focus one aspect over the others. For example, Chief Kim. The focus was on their work environment and how they were fighting to change that. It was also an incredible drama, but we didn’t really see a romantic aspect. Fight My Way does a great job with showing how these four friends were fighting for their dreams and finding love along the way. The romance was a part of the story, but it wasn’t the only part.


It’s nice to see how dramas are starting to change how they present romantic relationships. For years, it was always about a poor girl who’s hard working, and then she meets a rich guy, who sweeps her off her feet. He treats her terribly, but it’s only because he loves her. That is getting old, so it was refreshing to see a male lead who treats the woman loves the way she deserves to be treated. Although the main leads bicker and tease each other, when it comes down to it, they communicate and support one another. And they’re very straightforward. Yes, they still have problems, but none of the problems are a result of miscommunication or other unnecessary drama.

Currently Watching

So many good dramas just ended this week, 3 of them being: Lookout (파수꾼), Fight My Way (쌈 마이 웨이), and Ruler: Master of the Mask (군주: 가면의 주인). So the list of dramas that I’m currently watching has shrunk down. Right now, I am watching

  • 7 Day Queen (7일의 왕비)

7dayqueen (Sports Chosun)

(Pic from Sports Chosun)

  • The Best Hit (최고의 한방)

The Best Hit Poster2 (Dramafever)

(Pic from Dramafever)

Although I’m pretty close to dropping the Best Hit. I don’t really have a criteria for when to continue a series and when to drop it. It’s just whenever the drama loses my interest, whether it’s due to the story line or the characters, or sometimes I lose interest while waiting for the next episode. But as of now, the Best Hit is turning into the typical romantic comedy story line and losing the unique aspect that drew me to the drama in the first place.

When I lose interest in a drama, I might still stick around if the actors interest me, but unfortunately, none of the actors draw me in enough to want to continue. But I’ll see. If there are no other dramas that pop up, I may continue with the series.