Lawless Lawyer 무범변호사 | Final Thoughts

Overall Rating for this drama: 9 out of 10

This was a very satisfying drama. There was a great balance between the romance and the revenge plot. Like I said in my first impressions post, the ending was predictable. The bad guys would lose, but the story was still very good.

One of the things that I didn’t like, however, was the little drama that was thrown in the middle to “break up” Jae Yi and Sang Pil. That could have just been left out. It didn’t fit with Jae Yi at all. She’s usually pretty rational, even when it comes to her personal life, so it didn’t make sense that she would be so upset with Sang Pil over something like that. Or that she wouldn’t at least think that he’s up to something and try to get to the bottom of it rather than make a quick judgement without questioning anything.

There were a few other things that didn’t fully make sense, but because the overall plot was good and consistent, I don’t have too many complaints. I would recommend this drama to anyone who likes the crime/romance type dramas. The actors definitely matched the characters well. I really like Jun Ki in these types of roles. And him in suits are to die for. I just wish he would gain some more weight. He’s looking unhealthily skinny these days.



Why Secretary Kim 김비서가 왜 그럴까? | First Impressions

This drama is definitely my new addiction. While the plot is hinting that there is a darker back story that involves childhood trauma, the overall tone of this drama is definitely on the lighter side. I think both PARK Min Young and PARK Seo Joon match their characters very well. I’m not familiar with the webtoon, so I don’t know how close the drama is following the webtoon, but I do like the drama by itself.

Right off the bat, I like how there is a lot of depth to the characters. PARK Min Young’s character, Kim Mi So, is not reduced to a mere secretary beside PARK Seo Joon’s character, Lee Young Joon. Everyone in the office is aware of how important Secretary Kim is to their Vice President, and she takes care of so much–not just tying his tie and bringing him his morning snack. It’s shocking how much she can actually remember, and that really comes with the years of experience she’s had beside Lee Young Joon.

Lee Young Joon, for now, seems to fall under the typical arrogant chaebol male lead type. He has that tsundere personality, where he acts cold, but is actually warm. Although compared to those typical leads, when he scolds Kim Mi So, it is for something valid, something that she could have done better. I’m not saying that’s the best way to treat one’s employee, but it’s not for something ridiculous. And what I love is that, because they have worked together for so long, Kim Mi So is able to understand when his scolding is valid versus when she can brush it off.

I think I’ve figured out why certain dramas work for me and others don’t, and it probably seems obvious to say, but if there’s something I want to see from the drama, then I will continue watching. If I’ve seen what I want to see and there’s nothing more that the story is adding, then I quickly lose interest and really don’t bother to finish. With 김비서가 왜 그럴까 , I really want to see how these two end up, because they’ll definitely end up together, but with the underlying darker plot, I wonder how it’ll affect their current relationship and shift them towards a stronger relationship. We’re already at episode 8, so we’ll see pretty soon.

Something in the Rain 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나 | Final Thoughts

Overall rating for the this drama: 7 out of 10

It’s not a bad drama. I do like the overall plot. The characters are interesting. Everything was very realistic, as in the issues that happened were believable. The main couple was adorable. However, the story did start dragging toward the end, and things didn’t really tie up at the end. I know that I can’t always have a neat and happy ending, but I was hoping the story would bring some resolution to the issues that had come up.

For example, the sexual assault case at Jin Ah’s company. That was never really addressed, or perhaps I had skipped over because I started skimming the episodes towards the end, but nothing really happened with that. I mean, that in itself could be what the story was going for. Sexual cases usually don’t turn out well for the victims, especially if the victim is a woman of lower status or position than the man who committed the crime, but I wish there was a more explicit reference to what happened. Otherwise, I really don’t understand why that was even part of the plot.

Another thing was Jin Ah’s parents and their reaction towards Joon Hee. It’s obvious they won’t accept him, so it’s kind of hard to take the ending as is. What’s going to happen next? I guess that’s also part of what the drama wanted to leave its audience with. Perhaps that left for us to determine. Will they live happily ever after or will they continue facing more resistance to their relationship? This is what I hate though. I just want things tied up nice and neat at the end of a drama. I don’t like open endings. This is what was so terrible about Moon Lovers. The audience was left with the two lovers separated and with no hint as to if they would meet.

So…it wasn’t a terrible ending, but it wasn’t that memorable either. At least I got to the end.

Lawless Lawyer 무법변호사 | First Impressions

I’m already on Episode 9, so this is way past the time for first impressions, but I still wanted to provide my thought on the first few episodes.

This is a pretty good crime/romance drama. It doesn’t focus too much on the romance, but that aspect still exists. And although the ending is predictable, or at least I hope it is, there’s just the right amount of tension between the good and bad guys that it makes me nervous for Bong Sang Pil (LEE Jun Ki) and Ha Jae Yi (SEO Ye Ji). What if they end up losing to the antagonists? The focus of this post, however, will be mostly on the romantic relationship between Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi.

I really like the pairing between Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji. They match each other well in both looks and personality. In some of Lee Jun Ki’s other dramas, he’s paired with someone who looks too young for him. The actresses themselves aren’t too young, but because of their young looks, they just don’t match well. This may also be due to the characters that they were portraying, but I just didn’t like it. With this pairing though, Seo Ye Ji matches with Lee Jun Ki’s older and more mature looks. Their characters’ personalities also go well together.

Some people complained that the romance happened too quickly, but honestly, it’s almost refreshing. I hate it when the story drags out the relationship for no good reason. This is a part of Korean dramas though. The development of a relationship in Korean dramas is often too linear. The relationship usually takes a few episodes to develop. And then by episode 8 or 9, the first kiss happens. And then things start moving forward. The fact that Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi’s relationship develop much quicker is nice. Because then we don’t have to waste time with their relationship and the story can focus on revenge plot, which should be the main plot.

I’ve been waiting for a good drama with Lee Jun Ki and so far, I’m not disappointed. Hopefully the ending for Lawless Lawyer is better than Moon Lovers. I’m still bitter about that ending — where’s my happy ending :((( ?

Something in the Rain 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나 | First Impressions

When I first read the synopsis of this drama, I was extremely interested. I just love it when there’s a noona romance trope. There’s just a different feeling around the couple. Because the female lead is already older, she has a strong sense of self, even if she has her insecurities. And the male lead already has level of respect of her because she is older. Not that a man shouldn’t respect a woman just because she is younger, but due to the age hierarchy in modern Korean society, this does make things different.

I also like that the two leads have know each other for a long time. This means that when they are falling in love, they already know each other’s real self, both the good and the bad, yet they still have a lot to learn about each other, because they were never this close before.

The tone of the drama is definitely more subdued. It’s not overly exaggerating any aspects like the romance or the comedy or the drama. Everything feels real and natural. Nothing seems forced and the two leads’ feelings don’t feel like they’re coming out of nowhere. It makes me wonder if Seo Joon Hee (JUNG Hae In) had already liked Yoon Jin Ah (SON Ye Jin) before and just never pursued her because she was his sister’s best friend. That would explain a lot, since I don’t think he would have fallen in love with her so quickly after returning from the states.

All the episodes to this drama is already out, so luckily I won’t have to wait between any episodes. My final thoughts post may come out pretty soon.


Grand Prince 대군 | Final Thoughts

While the first few episodes were addicting, the plot took a downturn for me once the time skip took place. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but neither the characters nor story was able to keep my interest. I watched clips of the later episodes, but nothing particular interesting happened. I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping to stick around for Yoon Shi Yoon, but even he wasn’t enough to keep me hooked.

I don’t really have much else to add. I guess, the first two songs of the soundtrack were nice, so if you enjoy a good OST, I recommend going to listen to them.

Grand Prince 대군 | First Impressions

I love it.

This weekend, I binge-watched the first 4 episodes of Grand Prince with Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yun, and Joo Sang Wook, and it’s already got me hooked. It had all the most basic historical romantic scenes that you can think of: separation, running and hugging, dressing up as a man, getting drunk and having to be piggy-backed home, seeing the male lead shirtless–*gasp* scandalous–and a love triangle between 2 princes and a young noble woman. It was so cheesy, but I loved every moment of it.

The actors match very well with their characters. I always like how Yoon Shi Yoon is able to pull off characters that use comedy as a way to hide their more serious side. His character acts oblivious to situations, if only to keep those around him safe and happy. I’ve only seen Jin Se Yun in Bridal Mask, and I can’t say she left a strong impression on me. That may have just been due to her character. From what I remember, her character didn’t really have an impact on the storyline. So I’m definitely interested in how she’ll do in this drama. She does a good job with being the troublemaker. I hope she’ll actually be a strong female lead who holds her own ground without the constant help of the male lead.

I’m impressed with Joo Sang Wook. His character seems to be very similar to Lee Dong Gun’s in Queen for Seven Days with Park Min Young and Yoon Woo Jin, so I’m curious to see how things will play out. Will he get a redemption arc, or is he going out as a bad man?

A lot has happened in just the first 4 episodes and the writer is jumping back and forth in time. It’s peaking my interest. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this drama.


Misty 미스티 | First Impression

Oh my god…I love this drama so far. The female lead (played by KIM Nam Joo) is AH-mazing. I’ve never seen such a strong female character before in a Korean drama. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She doesn’t let anyone or their opinions stop her. I don’t know if this is considered a spoiler…






the fact that she got an abortion so that she could get the position she wanted–that’s incredible. It’s neither good nor bad, but it takes courage to do what she did–knowing the consequences she is going to face.

I’m still a little confused with the plot, but that seems to be what the writer/director wants. It looks like they’re going to be jumping back and forth in time to reveal more and more details. All the characters in this drama are wonderfully written…so far. No one is purely good nor evil. They’re real. Humans can be extremely selfish, and this drama is not afraid to show that.

I feel that the romance is also going to be very real. As in, there is the good and the bad. The person you love may have made bad decisions, yet you can’t help but love them and project them.  I am excited to see how Hye Ran (the female lead) is going to fall in love with her husband, Tae Wook (the male lead). I do feel a little bad for him, but at the same time, as I’ve watched a little further, he made the decision to marry her despite Hye Ran telling him that she doesn’t love him. So he put himself in this position.

I wouldn’t say I’m hooked on this drama, but it is interesting. I’ll probably take my time watching it.

I’m Not A Robot 로봇이 아니다 | Quick Final Thoughts

Just finished the last episodes of I’m Not A Robot…final rating? 7/10. It’s a great drama if you’re looking for something fluffy and cute with a lot of romance and comedy. It’s lacking on the depth and plot, but the chemistry between the two leads is AH-mazing. Their romantic scenes are to die for. I can’t find the words to describe how adorable they are. And their kiss scenes? Oh…my…god… *squeal*

However, I do have a few complaints. As cute as they are, I feel like their relationship is unbalanced. The story seems to make it appear as though Ji Ah and Min Kyu love each other equally, and while that may be true, Ji Ah is sacrificing a lot more for Min Kyu than he is for her. She took a lot of emotional punches and didn’t get anything for it. When Min Kyu found out the truth, he did and said a lot of hurtful things. Yes, Ji Ah did lie to him. Yes, he has a right to feel betrayed. And he even has a right to lash out. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t own up to his words and actions later. Ji Ah did all of the apologizing and Min Kyu did none of it. He didn’t apologize for his words or for hurting her or causing her to hurt herself for him (when she cut herself cooking and fell down while rushing to get to him). I wish there was just a moment where he just sincerely apologized.

I also didn’t like how the other relationships came out of no where, like Professor Hong and Pi. It seems like they just threw it in towards the middle of the drama for whatever reason. And everything was a mess in the last 2 episodes. Everything was wrapped up too quickly and neatly. The company drama was essentially useless. It could have been left out. I don’t know where they wanted to go with it, but it didn’t do anything, nor did it have anything to take away from.

With that being said, it’s still worth watching for the fluffiness. Definitely don’t watch this if you’re looking for something with a good plot, but if you’re looking for something to make you laugh and smile, this is a pretty good one. This made me a fan of Chae Soo Bin and I love Yoo Seung Ho even more now. I look forward to seeing them in other dramas soon.


I’m Not a Robot 로봇이 아니다 | Thoughts

Waiting for last week’s episodes was the worst. I hadn’t felt that way since Moon Lovers (Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인- 보보경심 려). The fact that there was no preview made it even worse. I was able to put off watching episodes 23 and 24, because I already know what route the story is going to take. With the way episode 20 ended, I hadn’t known where the story was going to go; was Ji Ah going to pretend to not know Min Kyu? Was she going to pretend to know him as President Jo? How was Min Kyu going to react? Would he realize that Aji 3 was a human all along or would he think there’s just a human who looks like her? All these questions ran through my head while waiting for episode 21.

Sadly, I’m disappointed with the way the story went. I wish Ji Ah would have pretended to know Min Kyu just as the chairman of KM Financial. Perhaps it would have been harder to keep up the facade, but she wouldn’t have had to pretend like he was a total stranger. The fact that she’s pretending to not know him at all and let him think that her name is Hong Joo is going to make it much harder for all of them once he finds out, because Ji Ah and the Santa Maria team will have deceived him twice now. I understand their concern for his health, but the truth is going to come out one day. If they had been upfront with Min Kyu, his shock may not have been as severe.

I’m pretty sure I know how the rest of the drama will go: Min Kyu will get sick. He might go into a coma from the shock. He’ll recover. He and Ji Ah will resolve the misunderstanding and get together. Yoo Chul and his father will fail in dragging down Min Kyu and probably live the rest of their lives in guilt. If Yoo Chul is lucky, Ri El will choose to be with him. Professor Hong and Pi will probably get together, and the Santa Maria team will receive recognition for their invention. And everyone who’s good will live happily ever after.

Lol, the drama will probably throw some surprises, but overall, I’m pretty sure that’s how everything is going to go. I will most likely continue this drama until the end, if not for the story, for Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin’s incredibly chemistry. They’re so adorable together and both actors just make their characters wonderful.

Here’s to hoping the ending doesn’t get screwed up. Folded Hands on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)Folded Hands on Samsung Experience 8.5 (Galaxy Note S8)